Linq like DSL in java in few lines of code


This is what happens when you are reading a great functional programming book , looking at imperative code makes you cry . Here is what I did to console myself out of my grief today ( whatever makes you happy right ? )

The code below wraps google collections , in a thin java DSL like wrapper

 public class IterableQuery {

   public static  Where from(Iterable originalCollection) {
      return  new Where( Iterables.transform(originalCollection, IterableQuery.SAME()));

   private static  Function SAME() {
      return new Function(){
         public T apply(T arg0) {
            return arg0;

   public static class SelectOrderBy{

      private final Iterable iterable;

      public SelectOrderBy(Iterable iteable) {
         this.iterable = iteable;

      public  SelectOrderBy orderyBy( Comparator sort ){
          Ordering.forComparator(sort).sort((List) iterable);
          return new SelectOrderBy( iterable);

      public   Iterable select(  Function function){
         return Iterables.transform(iterable, function);
      public  Iterable selectEveryThing( ){
         return iterable;

   public static class Where{

      private final Iterable iterable;

      public Where(Iterable iterable) {
         this.iterable = iterable;

      public    SelectOrderBy where(Predicate predicate) {
         return  new SelectOrderBy( Iterables.filter(iterable, predicate));


Now collections could be queried like

 Iterable currentlyAssigned =

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