Object Graph Retrival DSL ..


Often in a query based api’s ( for example  REST based apis )  there is a need for providing a capability for the client to specify the field and depth  while retrieving an object graph ..

For example, Windows Live contact Api

let you specify Field and Depth Filtering via the query param Filter , for example a request like


Would retrive live contacts contact with id , CID and tag for live contact .

You could make this infinitely recursive to pick and choose fields you want at any graph depth .

Here is the  antlr grammer for doing just that .. Instructions for how to generate code is available on antlr website

grammar Response;

options {output=AST;}
tokens {
response:  root (',' root)* -> root+ ;
root 	:fieldshortcut|'*'| (nodewithchildren);
nodewithchildren: (ID LPAREN response RPAREN) -> ^(ID response)
	|ID -> ^(ID STAR)
	|ID '()'-> ^(ID) ;
	:	'{'ID'}' -> ^(FIELDSHORTCUT ID);	

ID  :   ('a'..'z'|'A'..'Z')+ ;
INT :   '0'..'9'+ ;
LPAREN 	:	'(';
RPAREN 	:	')';

NEWLINE:'\r'? '\n' ;
WS  :   (' '|'\t')+ { $channel=HIDDEN;} ;

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