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I finally managed to get a 0.1 release out of the door for my breakable toy itunes-importer . This is a windows only release , I still have to iron out few kinks for the Mac version . You can choose the providers which get queried and can edit ( or paste your own) lyrics […]

Inevitably, every  few months someone over at DDD ( domain driven design ) mailing list seems to ask the question .. “Should domain objects call service methods ?” .  There are few people who seem to think that domain model should be a pristine place where only rightyworthy  get to live (Classes have to earn […]

warning : Narrowly focussed techy ( boring ) post What is a long running session and why is it useful ? [ This is mostly focussed on using hibernate session in a desktop app but most of it might be applicable to web app too ] As the name suggests the whole user interaction with […]

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I am one of those annoying  ” sing along ” types when I listen to music . Since the new iphone  update  added lyrics capability to iphone i was looking for an easy way to add lyrics to my tracks .  After hours of googling ..surprisingly I couldnt find a single decent  app to do […]