Rolling out your own observables for eclipse DataBinding


Eclipse databinding lets you bind any two * Observables* to each other . You get out of box support to bind swt widgets and javabeans via the factories SWTObservables and BeanObservables .

But its real easy to roll out your own Observable if it doesn’t fall into the above two categories .

Lets say you want to bind an xml element text to a SWT text , we will need an observable for the xml element text .


The code below extends AbstractObservableValue and everything is pretty straigtforward.

Since we do not expect asynchronous changes we may ignore staleness of observable objects.

Also, We need to observe the xml element for changes and fire valueChange with the diff on a change .

public class XmlElementAttributeObservableValue extends AbstractObservableValue{
 	Element element;
 	String propertyName;
 	public XmlElementAttributeObservableValue( Element element, final String propertyName) {
 		this.element = element;
 		this.propertyName = propertyName;
 		addListner(this.element, this.propertyName);

		private void addListner(final Element element, final String propertyName) {
 		ElementImpl elementImpl = (ElementImpl) element;
 		elementImpl.addEventListener("DOMAttrModified", new EventListener(){

				public void handleEvent(Event evt) {
 				final MutationEvent mutEvent = (MutationEvent) evt;
 				 if( mutEvent.getAttrName().equals(propertyName)){
 					 fireValueChange(new ValueDiff(){

 						public Object getNewValue() {
 							return mutEvent.getNewValue();
 						public Object getOldValue() {
 							return mutEvent.getPrevValue();


			}, false);

		public Object getValueType() {
 		return String.class;
 	public boolean isStale() {
 		return false;
 	protected Object doGetValue() {
 		return element.getAttribute(propertyName);
 	protected void doSetValue(Object value) {
 		element.setAttribute(propertyName, (String) value);

Now binding xml text to swt text is really simple…

								null, null);

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