Is Code Coverage really a “Metric”


Is Code Coverage is really a “Metric”

Today we had a casual *lunch time* discussion about how to better unit test out SWT UI in a lightweight fashion and be actually be able to Test Drive it . I suggested using Presentation Model pattern with some kind of data-binding framework to help us out ( I ‘ve had very pleasant experience with this approach on a previous project ) . This would involve splitting the View into a Humble Object and a corresponding View Model and the Humble Dialog wont be under test directly . Some of my colleagues were concerned that this kind of approach could bring our code coverage below the company wide standard ( Yes , I work at one of those places ) .
I wonder if we should worry about Code Coverage when choosing a TDD approach . I personally don’t believe that Code Coverage is Metric ( what is it measuring ? ), it should be an accidental by product of minimal significance than the End product of TDD . I personally believe that when choosing a development approach anything that makes programmers life easier should win hands down . Launching UI to test every small change is obviously not *Make programmer happy * kind of approach.


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