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It surprising how little has been written on eclipse’s life saver feature of buddy classloading … and seems to be the only way in situations like these This looks like the only reasonable resource out there ( not counting eclipse bugzilla) on buddy classloading A must read…..if you use libraries like hibernate/Log4J as […]

I stopped creating Java Projects in Eclipse I stopped Creating Java Projects in eclipse instead I create PDE Projects instead even though my project has nothing to do with plugin development…I can still take advantage of wonderful features of a PDE project like dependency management and stuff …. Here is the more complete list of […]

Is Code Coverage is really a “Metric” Today we had a casual *lunch time* discussion about how to better unit test out SWT UI in a lightweight fashion and be actually be able to Test Drive it . I suggested using Presentation Model pattern with some kind of data-binding framework to help us out ( […]